When choosing brands, we observe contemporary trends - we are guided by their origin, by the natural or ecological way of cultivating the raw materials, by the quality achieved and by the taste of the end products.


Red Dot nagrada: Brands and Communication Design 2020

  • brend razvijen u Hrvatskoj u suradnji s nutricionistima i ekspertima
  • spaja tradiciju sa suvremenim prehrambenim potrebama
  • široki asortiman proizvoda po pristupačnim cijenama
  • brza i jednostavna priprema
  • prikladno za osobe oboljele od celijakije, intolerantne na gluten
  • vrhunski okus & 100% sigurnost proizvoda

BAKIN' MIX Red Dot nagrada: Brands and Communication Design 2020


  • ecological sun protection line
  • no nano particles, parabens, paraffin and synthetic fragrances
  • contains only mineral filters
  • provides high sun, UVA and UVB protection
  • based on Aloe Vera, herbal oils and other natural ingredients
  • non-greasy textures are easy to apply
  • does not leave white spots
  • the best price in Europe.


  • premium jams and fruit spreads with more than 50% fruit content
  • no use of chemical preservatives, colourings or additives
  • use of fresh or deep frozen fruits only (no dry fruits or fruit pulps) of highest quality
  • produced according to an old Darbo family recipe, 140 years of tradition
  • carefully heated in special vacuum kettles in order to maintain beneficial vitamins and fruit aroma
  • sweetened with cane sugar only (no corn syrup or glucose)
  • various fruits, various flavors - a real pleasure of fruity breakfast.



  • fruit spreads and jams sweetened with apple syrup
  • 1.5 kg of organic fruit per jar
  • the fruit is cooked at low temperatures and cautiously processed
  • low glycaemic index
  • no gluten
  • 30% less calories compared to other fruit spreads
  • no. 1 fruit spreads & jam brand in Italy.


  • cream made of cocoa, hazelnuts and other selected ingredients, gently processed for 60 hours
  • cocoa, cacao butter and brown sugar according to the Fairtrade standard
  • the fragrant, velvety cream is produced according to the traditional recipe of the Rigoni family
  • no palm oil and no hardened fat
  • no gluten, cholesterol, artificial flavours, colours, flavour enhancers
  • excellent source of calcium and phosphorus.
"Nocciolata without lactose is recommended to vegans, people who are intolerant or allergic to lactose, as well as to all lovers of cocoa"



  • favourite Danish energy bars made of raw fruit and nuts
  • contains only natural ingredients - ecologically grown fruit and nuts - no gluten, no lactose and no added sugar
  • the basic ingredients are dates, Indian nuts and/or almonds - fruit with a broad spectrum of health and nutritional value
  • the pure energy of RAWBITE bars comes in eight different flavours: Indian nuts, cocoa, coconut, spicy lime, apple-cinnamon, vanilla-berry fruit, protein and peanuts
  • awards: 2016. BEST BUY BIO energy bars, QUDAL - QUALITY MeDAL BIO 2017/20182016. BEST BUY BIO energy bars - according to the consumer rating, energy bars with the best price-quality ratio in Croatia. 
"According to your personal experience, specify the name of the manufacturer or supplier of BIO ENERGY BARS in Croatia which offers the highest quality:"
In most of the case respondents in Croatia said it is Rawbite. (QUDAL - QUALITY MEDAL BIO 2017/2018)


  • 100% natural nutrition supplement
  • based on the special Strath® herb yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae)
  • contributes to a balanced diet and a better quality of life
  • Strath® improves the overall intake of vital substances from the diet
  • to be consumed by all age groups, beginning with the first year of age (children, adults, pregnant and breastfeeding women, athletes and elderly people)
  • Swiss product with more than 58 years of tradition
  • efficiency proven in over 30 scientific studies.
  • 61 vital substances, 11 building elements, 11 vitamins, 19 minerals and trace elements, and 20 amino acids.

TRUE GUM Žvakaće gume bez plastike


Žvakaće gume bez plastike

  • danski proizvođač prirodnih žvakaćih guma
  • prve i jedine žvakaće gume bez palminog ulja (certificirano)
  • prava žvakaća guma izvrsnog ukusa izrađena koristeći samo najkvalitetnije sastojke bez plastike
  • biorazgradiva, na bazi brezinog šećera: ksilitola, bez glutena, pogodno za ljude s alergijama
  • u rujnu 2019. godine, žvakaća guma s okusom Mente nagrađena kao „Prehrambeni proizvod godine 2019”


Prirodne pastile s dodatkom vitamina C

  • potpuno prirodne pastile - pomažu u borbi protiv upale grla i kašlja,
  • pružaju imunološku podršku uz izvrstan okus
  • inovativna ambalaža koja je bez plastike i može se kompostirati
  • bez šećera, zaslađeni ksilitolom
  • bez aspartama
  • moderan dizajn i brand
  • vegan

TRUE DROPS Prirodne pastile s dodatkom vitamina C
TRUE MINTS Prirodni bomboni bez šećera


Prirodni bomboni bez šećera

  • bomboni na biljnoj bazi - bez šećera, ispunjeni samo kvalitetnim sastojcima i zamotani u održivu kartonsku ambalažu
  • bez aspartama
  • zaslađeni ksilitolom i stevijom
  • moderan dizajn
  • vegan, plantbased & bez glutena


Liofilizirano voće

  • 100% prirodan proizvod,
  • primjeren kao snack, samostalno jelo ili kao dodatak u vašem smoothiju, 
  • dodatak pahuljicama za doručkom, za pripremu ili dekoraciju slatkih i slanih delicija ili pića
  • bez glutena, aditiva, dodanog šećera
  • veganski proizvod & Kosher certifikat   

HANDFUL Liofilizirano voće
BIOZEN & VITASI Biljni napici


Biljni napici

  • široka ponuda biljnih napitaka u ekološkoj kvaliteti 
  • proizvedeni od najkvalitetnijeg sastojaka
  • najpovoljniji odnos cijene & kvalitete
  • vegan, bez GMO-a, laktoze, dodanih šećera, aditiva i konzervansa

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