The significance of the most important certificates is described below. Along with these certificates and the research behind them, we are ordering our own analyses at the Croatian National Institute for Public Health. We want to be absolutely sure in the consistency and quality of all our products and the products of our principals.


Ecological food originating from the European Union countries bears this label - a guarantee for the ecological principles of breeding, production and packaging of products. Products with this label are 100% organic.


Fairtrade is a symbol of a movement which combats poverty and advocates sustainable development around the world. The aim of Fairtrade is to create economically acceptable conditions for farmers and traders who have been threatened by the world economy. The chance to offer their products on the world market according to "fair” conditions enables them a decent living, their children’s education and the development of the national economy. If you decide to buy Fairtrade products, you will knowingly contribute to the development of agriculture, education and entrepreneurship in Third World countries and enjoy a high quality product made from native cultures of countries like Burkina Faso (cacao), Peru (coffee) and Cuba (sugar).


The cross-cut grain ear is an internationally recognized sign and at the same time a certificate for gluten-free products. This sing ensures that the product does not contain gluten, and according to the Codex Alimentarius 00/4 from the year 2000, gluten-free foods are considered to contain less than 20 ppm of gluten.


The non-profit organization Climate Protection Partnership is an international initiative with Swiss roots, founded in 2002. In co-operation with numerous international organizations, my climate conducts education and tries to suppress and prevent carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. My climate is among the leaders of global protection movement against gas emissions and speaks in favour of using renewable natural resources for energy purposes. Food products with the my climate mark are manufactured and delivered to the market by strict rules of minimum carbon dioxide emissions. Each of the products is a true 'green' product and a friend of our planet.



Ecocert is the first supervisory body that has developed a system for the certification of natural and ecological cosmetics. Only if the product is made of ingredients obtained from renewable sources and if it is processed using ecologically acceptable processes it will be awarded with this sign. Here are the Ecocert Standard Requirements:

  •  the product may not contain GMOs, parabens, glycol esters (phenoxyethanol), nano particles, silicones, PEGs, artificial smells and dyes, ingredients of animal origin (other than natural animal products such as honey and milk e.g.)
  • the packaging must be biodegradable or recyclable
  •   95% of the ingredients must be of natural origin
  •  at least 95% of all ingredients in the formula must be of plant origin, by weight, 10% of all ingredients must be produced by ecological farming; at the same time, 95% of the ingredients must be of natural origin


COSMEBIO is a professional association for natural, ecological and organic cosmetics. COSMEBIO® combines professionals from the industry – there are over 400 members in France and abroad. Since 2002, COSMEBIO® has been working on the promotion of natural and ecological cosmetics made from ecological and green-based technologies (green chemistry).


Cosmetics Europe is a European association of the cosmetics and personal care products industry. The main goal is to ensure that all cosmetic products and personal care products are made in accordance with European regulations and EU safety standards.


The US Food and Drug Administration is responsible for the protection of public health in the United States, for the safety and efficacy of human and veterinary medicines, biological and medical products, as well as nutrition and cosmetics safety. In order for a particular product to be sold on the US market, it needs to pass strict control procedures and has to be approved by the FDA, which is the guarantee that the product is manufactured and labelled in accordance with applicable US laws. Cosmetic products are regulated by the FDA Centre for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN), which is responsible for safe and properly labelled cosmetics.


Label for products which do not contain any artificial ingredients or basic materials of animal origin. Products with this label have not been tested on animals. This certificate is awarded by the International Vegan Society.


The cruelty free label means that the products are not tested on animals and that no ingredient in any stage of production has been tested on animals. "The Hopping Bunny" is the only international mark for such products. Whoever wants to obtain the Bunny must meet rigorous standards. It is used to label cosmetic products, personal care products, household cleaners, clothes, shoes and candles. Organizations such as Animal Friends, PETA, the Consumer Information Coalition, etc., publish product lists with white (not tested on animals) and black list of products (animal-tested).


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