We represent and distribute brands that have captured the world markets.
Our range of products includes natural and organic cosmetics and gluten-free foods, sugar free, lactose free and vegan foods.

Our products are recognized by experts which have recomended them to consumers. You can buy our products in over 400 stores like bio & bio, dm, Polleo sport, in pharmacies, specialized stores and better supermarkets. Do you want to try them? Just click on our web shop and order a package of delicious and healthy snacks which will soon arrive at your address.

We only select partners with whom we share similar values and the passion for business in all aspects of our business process - which is the basis of the All natural slogan


organic * natural

lactose free * gluten free * sugar free


The significance of the most important certificates is described below. Along with these certificates and the research behind them, we are ordering our own analyses at the Croatian National Institute for Public Health. We want to be absolutely sure in the consistency and quality of all our products and the products of our principals.


We are happy when our customers and partners recognize our efforts and products. That is the true inspiration.

“There is nothing more noble and priceless than faithfulness. Faithfulness and truth are the brightest perfection and gifts of the human soul." Cicero

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